Do You Deserve to Make Money?


The work that we do as professionals who have dedicated our lives to healing and bettering the lives of others is incredibly important. Yet, so many of us feel that we either shouldn't be making money or don't deserve to or that money is for people who have chosen a path of less integrity. I have heard a lot of stories (and have created plenty myself) about why making more money isn't important. But, consider this: if you make more money, enough to really serve yourself, would you have more time, energy and resources to serve others? As author Eleanor Brown says, "you cannot serve from an empty vessel." 

So why aren't you making more? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you believe in yourself? If you don't believe that you deserve to make money, then you never will. You may not believe in manifestation, but you should certainly believe in science. Studies show that certain types of visualization can lead to desired outcomes.
  • Are you offering your full value to the world? If you're not making enough money, is it possible that you aren't offering your full value to the world? "Your playing small simply withholds your gifts from the people who were meant to receive them, including you." - Jen Sincero
  • Are you walking the talk? Is it possible to get a promotion just by saying the great things that you'll do once you get promoted and then waiting around for the higher ups to promote you? No, first you have to prove yourself. So often we say, "when I make more money, I will donate to charity or put money into savings or x,y,z." Start upholding these promises to yourself now, even if you are saving / donating / x,y,z-ing micro-amounts. You'll prove to yourself that you can keep your promises and are ready to start earning more.
  • How is your energy around money? Author and coach, Jen Sincero believes that many of us have created terrible energy around money. Imagine this dialogue (from her awesome book You are a Badass): "Yay, I think you're fun to hang out with too! Wait, what? You think I'm the root of all evil? How can you say that? All you talk about is how you wish you had more of me. Even though your scared to admit you like me. And you say I'm not there for you. And you think people who like me are greedy pigs. Yet you get so ecstatic whenever I show up. And you work so hard to get me to come over. But I keep you in a state of worry. And you hate dealing with me. And no matter what I do, it's never enough. One minute you act like you'll die without me, and the next I make you feel like a filthy whore. You know what? I'm done. See you later, freak." Sound familiar? Why not try shifting this energy to gratitude, joy and respect?

Here are some more great books on how to make more money. Read them, you deserve it.