Persistence and Entrepreneurship

This weekend I attended the Natural Products Expo East, the second largest industry gathering of natural consumer goods in the country. I have been attending this trade show and its west coast counterpart for the past nine years. I have worked in-house for a few brands and as a PR representative on behalf of Christie & Co for other brands over the years and have watched these companies and others grow year after year. Each year, I have had countless conversations with entrepreneurs on their vision, their challenges and their successes.

A common thread amongst entrepreneurs who have seen this kind of longevity?


What exactly does persistence mean in regards to entrepreneurship?

"Persistence describes the ability to push and push toward the finish line, even if the finish line seems comically out of reach. It's about tenacity and stubbornness, in the best sense of both words." - Nelli Akalp for Mashable

These entrepreneurs who I meet year after year have a vision and will do anything to achieve it. 

“It is important to hold on to the vision, because how you’re going to achieve it will change. You may have to try things and they may not work and have to reinvent yourself and try again." - Georgina Miranda, Founder of Altitude Seven in an interview with Christie & Co.

How will you persist this Monday and beyond?

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