The 3 Most Important Social Media Tips for Fitness & Wellness Professionals

Like most other things in life and in business, there is no secret recipe to success through social media. Each person's and organization's social media strategy is unique to them, their goals and their followers. That being said, there are some general guidelines that we all can follow to help make sure we're getting the most social media bang for our buck. 

  1. Be Consistent. Social media can be overwhelming even for larger organizations. I recommend sitting down and taking time to strategize. Ask yourself questions like: "Which kind of content is my community engaging with the most?" (e.g. photos, expertise, blog posts), What time of day are they engaging with my posts? and how much time do I have to dedicate towards social media? From here you can create content guidelines and posting schedules that work for you. Then be consistent It is more important to post a regular amount and schedule than to spit out content whenever you have the chance. Consistency builds trust, customers know what to expect. Use a resource like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to schedule posts ahead of time throughout the week. 
  2. Engage. Quality is more important than quantity. The amount of engagement (shares, retweets, comments, etc.) you see from your followers and fans is much more important than the number of posts you are doing each day. Make sure you are engaging with comments, asking questions, running contests, and liking your fans' content etc. This will help you strengthen the ties to your tribe. 
  3. Analyze. Determine your goals and constantly evaluate performance to make sure the actions you are taking are helping you achieve your goals. Goals can include: increase site traffic, increase sales leads, increase followers and engagement. Most social media channels have a built in analytics platforms that can help you understand how your readers are engaging with your content and how that is affecting your bottom line.

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