7 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Wellness Website

So you’ve launched a website for your wellness business and you’ve optimized it to increase consumer engagement, but there is just one problem – nobody is visiting your website. Below are 7 easy steps you can take right now to increase your website traffic.

Before reading any further, first ask yourself if increasing traffic is one of your main objectives. If you are driving product or service sales through your site, the answer to this question is likely “yes”. If your largest source of clients is word of mouth and referrals and your website only serves a place for your customers to gauge your credibility, then the answer may be no and you should use your limited time building your referral network.  building your referral network.  

7 ways to drive traffic to your wellness website:

1.     Create rich, relevant and useful blog content. Starting a blog is one of the best things you can do to increase site traffic. If you create content that people want to read and better yet, share, it will keep them coming back to your site again and again. Once you earn people’s dedicated interest and trust, they will be more likely to buy your class, book or product.

2.     Create headlines that capture interest and encourage action. You have approximately 50 characters to convince potential customers to pay attention to you. According to Neil Patel and Joseph Putnam’s Headline Writing 101: How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines That Convert, headlines should adhere to the the 4 u’s: be unique, ultra-specific, urgent and useful.

3.     Share your blog content on your social media channels. People aren’t just going to stumble upon your blog. Make sure to share links to your blog posts across all of your social media platforms, including (but certainly not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more). Make sure to use hashtags, engage in chats and tag others to get the most bang for your buck.

4.     Start an email newsletter. Email remains one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers. Keep content useful and make sure not to over-do it by sending emails too frequently or overselling.

5.     Reach out to traditional media outlets and tell them your story.  Links to your site in articles written by credible sources are amongst the more authentic ways you can increase traffic to your site and drive interest in your product or service. 

6.     Contribute content to other blogs and make sure they link back to your site.Check out Mind Body Green and Elephant Journal which have a wellness focus.

7.     Advertise. Advertising isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies. A little bit of money spent on Facebook ads can go a long way. You can set a maximum budget of as little as $1.00/day and target hyper-specific communities, which can extend the reach of your post to thousands of people.

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