7 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Wellness Business on Facebook

For the next several weeks we will be doing an in-depth examination of each of the popular (and a few less popular) social media platforms and how you can use them to promote your wellness business. Let’s start with social media behemoth,  Facebook. Facebook is by far the largest social media network with almost 16 billion reported users as of January 2016. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this network Instagram has 400 million users and Twitter has 320 million users. (source)

How can you tap into this vast network to raise awareness about your brand and drive sales for your service or product? Here are a few easy things you can do:

1.     If you haven’t already, Sign up for a free Facebook for business page. Follow these easy instructions to create one. Facebook is great for building your community, driving traffic to your blog or website and even converting followers into clients. If you don’t have a website, your Facebook business page can serve as the primary online destination for customers to stay informed about business details, announcements and events.

2.     Post visual content. We live in an increasingly visual world. Facebook’s ever changing algorithm is currently giving relevant and useful real time videos, videos and images the most News Feed airtime.

3.     Engage with your followers. Ask questions, run contests, answer comments and invite them to participate in company decisions (within reason). Engaging with your Facebook tribe demonstrates your dedication and makes them feel appreciated. 

4.     Join Facebook groups. Choose groups that are related to your work, engage with these groups regularly by sharing relevant and useful information. This will help you establish yourself as an expert in your field and may lead to future sales.

5.     Use Facebook to drive traffic to your website. If you are conducting most of your business on your website, one of your KPIs should be to increase website traffic. Reposting blog content, events or special announcements on your Facebook page and linking back to your website can be a very effective source of site traffic.

6.     Advertise. Facebook ads can help extend the reach of your post to a targeted audience that is outside of your current network. Facebook ads are not inaccessible, you can set a maximum budget of $1.00/day.

7.    Utilize Facebook Insights to inform your sales strategy. Ask yourself which demographic (e.g. gender, age, location) is engaging with which kind of content (e.g. videos, tips, inspirational quotes) and when? This kind of data can help you to understand who your customers really are. Once you know who you are talking to, you can build your messaging to cater specifically to these markets. 

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