7 Tips for Using Pinterest to Promote your Wellness Business

This week is a continuation of a series of articles that will examine each of the popular social media platforms and address how to best use them to promote your food, fitness or wellness business. Today we'll review Pinterest. If you missed last week’s post on how to use Instagram to build your wellness brand, you can find it here

Should you be using Pinterest to promote your product or service? It depends. 

The expansive landscape of social media platforms can be overwhelming. Before you throw yourself into each and every one, it’s important to evaluate your target market, the relationship of your content strategy to sales goals and your time and personnel resources. As you take the time to decide, consider this: according to a 2015 study conducted by Millward Brown, 93% percent of repsondents reported that they use Pinterest to plan for purchases, and another 87% reported Pinterest engagement has helped them decide what to purchase (source). 

If content strategy is holding you back, try checking out some of these awesome food, fitness and wellness-focused Pinterest accounts for inspiration:

Chris Freytag | Chalkboard Magazine | Lauren Rabadi | Molly Yeh | Mojo Spa | Sunday Suppers | Kelly Olexa | Love, Life, Surf | Spa Kamper | Gabrielle Bernstein | Love and Lemons


Here are 7 Tips for using pinterest to promote your wellness business:

1. Understand the audience. The Pinterest community is:

  • Relatively small. (compared to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter), but growing. As of January 2016 there were 100 million Pinterest users (source). 
  • Mostly female. As of 2015 71% of these users were female and the median user age was 40 (though, the number of male users is rapidly growing. I have a male friend who planned his wedding with the attitude “anything you would need to know you can find on Pinterest”). 
  • Searching for home-focused lifestyle content, such as: Food & Drink, DIY & Crafts, Home Décor and Holidays & Events (source).  
  • Making purchasing decisions. Remember the study from above? 


  • Looking for aspirational content. Many users use Pinterest as a place to post aspirational content e.g. super fit bodies, beautiful skin, the perfectly plated meal etc. 

2.  Sign up for a Pinterest for business account. With a business account, you have access to business verification, analytics, promoted pins and rich pins. Learn more here.

3.    Aesthetic. Make sure to post aesthetically pleasing pictures. Since this is a solely visual platform, creating an exceptional aesthetic with your pins and board organization is crucial. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can post incredible content by curation rather than spending the time/money resources on developing professional photographs or lengthy articles. Here is an easy-to-follow guide by Curalate on the types of photos that perform.


4.    Seamless Conversion and Integration. A few important tips:

  • Add the Pin It button to your site so others can pin your content on to their boards. 
  • Pin content from your own blog or site and make sure that the photo matches what followers will find on the other side (e.g. if you pin a gorgeous photo of a cherry pie, users should be able to click through and find a recipe for cherry pie).
  • Link your site and all other social media accounts. If you inspire someone with your Pinterest boards, you want to make sure that they follow on to your site to buy your product or service. Include your business site in your profile, link all of your social media accounts and make sure to cross-promote content. 

5.    Use Keywords and hashtags in your board titles and board and pin descriptions to make your content easier to find in a relevant search. Click here for an in-depth explanation of SEO for Pinterest from Wishpond.

6.    Engage. Like other social media platforms, engagement is an important activity on Pinterest. Interact with your followers and influencers by repinning, liking and commenting on their pins.  

7.    Explore Rich Pins. Rich pins allow your followers immediate access to app downloads, purchases, recipes and more. You will need some technical know-how to get this started. Learn more here.

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