The 4Ws (& H) of Developing an Effective Content Strategy

So you’ve set up a blog, signed up for MailChimp and have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account for your wellness business. Now what? Creating a content strategy can help strengthen your brand and add structure and accountability to your communications efforts.

Here are the Who, What, When, Whys and Hows of developing an effective content strategy for your wellness business.


  1. It can help you to achieve your goals. Taking the time to evaluate your business goals and mapping out how your communications efforts can support these goals is crucial to the success of your wellness business. 
  2. It prevents you from wasting time, energy and resources. Creating a structured content strategy helps you stay focused on the activities that are helping you near your objectives.
  3. It helps maintain a sense of control. The many platforms and mediums available on which to market your small business can be overwhelming. Creating a plan and schedule will help you feel like you’re ahead of the game. (do make sure to allow room for creativity and a rapidly evolving social media landscape).


It is incredibly important to create content with a specific customer / reader in mind. Not every audience has the same needs and desires. Not sure how to identify your target audience? Read my blog post on defining your target audience. 


Your content strategy can include images, articles, videos, infographics, recipes, tips and more. Regardless of the medium, all of your content should be evaluated through the following filters:

  1. Value. Is your content adding value to your readers’ lives? 
  2. Brand. Does your content adhere to your brand guidelines? Better yet, does it help strengthen your brand?
  3. Engagement. Which content are your readers engaging with? How are they engaging with it? Have they given you any feedback? 
  4. Aesthetic. Is your design and photo aesthetic consistent? Better yet, do they help define your brand?
  5. SEO. Are you using keywords that will help boost inbound traffic?

Bonus: The ideal length of posts, backed by science via


Here is a list of tools that are useful in creating a successful content strategy:

  1. Create a set of brand guidelines
  2. Establish photo aesthetics
  3. Create an editorial calendar – what will you post, where and when
  4. Write it all down so you can refer to it later (this becomes particularly useful as you scale)
  5. Evaluate platform analytics
  6. A / B testing


Here is some information on how frequently one should post for optimum results (again from  Don’t let this information overwhelm you. If you don’t have time to post 5 pins per day, then don’t. Being consistent is much more important than achieving these benchmarks.