SoulCycle or Flywheel?

Which is better SoulCycle or Flywheel? 

My answer to the age-old question

Neither, both are are awesome.

While this is both my professional and personal opinion, I will spare you the sweaty details of my personal affiliation and focus in on what makes each a great brand. 

Why am I even addressing this topic?

I was recently talking to a practitioner about packaging her service. She said to me: " but I don't feel comfortable, I didn't invent this." The success of SoulCycle and Flywheel exemplify the opportunity to take something that you already have and package it in a way that creates real added value. 

Neither SoulCycle nor Flywheel conceptualized the indoor cycling class. What they did was package a product that had been around for decades in a way that adds value to people's lives and provides a darn good workout. 

Here are a few things that both brands do particularly well. Their elevated approach to these components makes each a standout brand: 

  • Lifestyle
  • Community
  • Scarcity
  • Customer Service
  • Consistency

Collectively, the excellent execution of these brand components helps them transcend each class beyond a simple workout and into a cultural something that warrants a $34 price tag, jam-packed classes, never-ending press and a loyal celebrity clientele (which solidifies and perpetuates the rest).

Importantly, while each brand has created a valuable product for a similar target audience, at a similar price point, that offers similar value, there is still room for both SoulCycle and Flywheel (and many, many more) in the space.

I invite you to think about how you can apply these concepts of creating brand value into your own business / product / service. 

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