3 Things to Consider Before Launching a YouTube Channel for Your Wellness Business

YouTube can be an exceptional tool for establishing your wellness brand, for extending your reach into a global digital market and for potentially making lots of money. The catch? YouTube can be incredibly resource intensive (both time and money) and may take away attention and focus from your core business. That being said, the potential to thrive on YouTube is huge. YouTube has over a billion users and has over four billion video views globally every day.

Check out these food, fitness and wellness professionals who are thriving on YouTube:
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Here are some other reasons you may want to start a YouTube channel as presented by TechInfographics: 

Convinced of the immense potential of starting your own YouTube channel? Here are 3 things to consider before you launch:

1.    Are you ready to make a commitment? Like other social media platforms, the key to success is consistency. Are you ready to post quality, videos worth watching regularly? You must be ready to dedicate the time to production, editing, optimization and promotion. Unless you have a budget for video production, get ready to do a deep dive into DIY film and editing techniques. 

2.    Do you love being in front of the camera? More than most other social media platforms, YouTube is about throwing yourself into limelight. Injecting your personality into your YouTube videos is essential. YouTube is the new TV and you, the new TV host. 

3.    Do you have a content strategy? Are you ready to make quality videos that are both useful and entertaining? Who are you making these videos for? What value will your videos offer these subscribers? 

Did you answer Yes! to all of the above? Check out some these free guides to effective YouTube video marketing: 

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